Weekly Roundup: November 24 – 30, 2019 (a.k.a. The Redemption Roundup)

Well, pals, it’s only been twelve weeks since our last Weekly Roundup. Apologies are in order, especially since, as this website continues to flourish, I wouldn’t want to even dream of missing a single roundup. Compacting a lengthy series of whiffed excuses into something singular, I can only express that a routine is difficult to adhere to when you’re first starting out. No matter the weather or where I’m at in life following this point henceforth, I, Jonathan Frahm, vow to update my website on a consistent basis. We shall resume our curation of actually weekly Weekly Roundups.

Now that that’s over with, we can get apprised of the week at hand! Since it’s been a good, long while, I’ll also go ahead and toss some other highlights from the past couple of months in here for good measure.

But first, a celebration is in order! Following my September chat with Jamie Alimorad, we finally have a new in-depth interview feature with another great friend of mine, New York singer-songwriter Mackenzie Shivers. Therein, we take a deep dive into the development of her new holiday album, Midwinter, and have a sweet, general chat about life and artistry in 2019. It’s the perfect way to warm yourself up during the winter season, including for all of us wimps shaking in fifty degree weather here in Tucson. Please do give it a look over yonder.

Last Saturday, Lister and I dropped our seventh episode of Super Cast Bros. and the first that features guests — our mutual long-time friends, Jake and Trevor. I wrote this sappy post about the power of friendship, our history, and what recording Super Cast Bros. means to me as a working father of an ever-looming publication portfolio to upkeep.

Over at PopMatters, I’ve been winding down on premiere features big time as we wind up into our end-of-year lists. Elisabeth Woronzoff and I in particular are going to cracking out something in-depth and wonderful with the Best Folk Albums of 2019 listicle coming your way before year’s end, and I’m also excited to have some blurbs in the Best Americana and Best Music pieces that will be published on the site as well.

In the meantime, though, one particular highlight to be had was with an old friend and songwriter who I’ve always respected, a Mr. Lee DeWyze. We have this whole chat that looks at his latest EP release over at PopMatters for you to check out, and we debuted this really cool music video that you can see below.

Other highlights include a look at Habibi Funk’s reissuing of Issam Hajali’s solo jazz-folk debut, a premiere of Penny & Sparrow’s pensive finale of their Takeaway Sessions, and longtime PopMatters favorite Lady Lazarus giving us a bittersweet look back on love in “I Recall July”.

Over at For Folk’s Sake, our ongoing ‘FFS 5’ series of interviews are once again seizing the day, as far as my publication schedule goes. We have cool chats with names like Chadwick Stokes (who is just on fire in the indie folk scene right now, and once again), Alan Barnosky, Piers Faccini, and Judy Blank.

Otherwise, life has been moving at a pretty steady pace. I think that I’ve been thoroughly fulfilling my obligation to make the last days of this decade really count for something (see below). Yesterday, my sister, Jacqueline, and I made some memories in downtown Tucson for the tree lighting and a folk-rockin’ good time with local favorites, Ryanhood, at the Fox Theatre.

Oh, and here’s a full list of everything that I’ve published since the last Weekly Roundup, which was kind-of not just a week ago. I count 52 pieces to individually jot down and hyperlink, so I imagine that compiling all of this is going to be punishment enough. I won’t be missing out on these posts again anytime soon.


Super Cast Bros.


For Folk’s Sake

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