Weekly Roundup: March 2 – 9, 2020 (or, “Expanding Roles”)

Here we are, folks! Without further ado, we’re coming in hot with another “weekly” roundup. This one is only 8 weeks behind, which means that somewhere along the way, progress is being made (considering that the last before our January roundup was in November). Should I start making these into a more manageable monthly roundup format? Probably. For now, though, let’s stubbornly grip onto this weekly dream and maybe it’ll come true.

It’s never about resting on laurels, this whole “ditching the site’s music coverage for multiple weeks” thing. Rather, I’ve been keeping fairly busy, and within the local music scene especially. I feel like Ryan Seacrest if Ryan Seacrest had to work a part-time job as a gym receptionist to afford rent.

Before we get too into things with this blog, how about a soundtrack? Because holy smokes is a lot of amazing music coming around lately with no end to this deluge of awesome releases in sight. Jake Blount has a new album out in May and I’m hyped. Secret Sisters, anyone? Aoife O’Donovan? Avi Kaplan? And of course, I’m a Monkey Majik kind of guy.

The Accidentals dropped a “Don’t Know Why” cover that I’ve been obsessed about for a few days. Love Norah Jones. Love The Accidentals. Good culmination of things that I love.

I’ve had a bit of a promotion over at the Tucson Kitchen Musicians Association (TKMA)! You are reading a message from the non-profit’s new PR Team Coordinator. My responsibilities include reaching out to the multitude of publications, radio and news stations, and so on in town with news of the coming fest (April 3-5), passing fliers and posters out, and developing social media plans whilst coordinating with the other members of my team (hence the job title). It’s been hectic, especially so close to the fest coming up and about, but fun and rewarding in that very special “this is the exact kind of thing I want to do forever” sort of way.

Speaking of, SXSW, eh? The Tucson Festival of Books? It seems like the Tucson Folk Festival is still going full steam ahead, though I understand the worries that some have had regarding the coronavirus. My personal belief is that this isn’t as bad as ebola, this isn’t as bad as SARS, and we just need to be extra conscious about our hygiene and we’ll pull through. If Arizona were Washington or New York, I’d be more worried, but only 6 cases have been confirmed statewide throughout this whole ordeal. We didn’t all contract it during the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show back in February, which attracts the most out-of-towners and international travelers by far. Maybe I’m being hopeful and naive about it. We’ll see how these next few weeks and months unfurl.

Have I mentioned that I’ve also expanded my role with the Tucson venue, Monterey Court? Renovated from an old motor court, Monterey Court has become a major bastion for local and touring artists alike. I can’t imagine Tucson without the Monty in its current outfit; it’s hard to believe that it’s still only been around just shy of a decade! I’m now taking on all of our social media platforms, posting weekly collages and event listings, and more. It’s been a good time. (Follow us? – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Other than that, I’m just working on time management more keenly, and that includes (shockingly!) tending to these “weekly” roundups more often. Or at least having the intent to (as always, Jonathan, *eye roll*). This actually includes more time for R&R. Work is good and it is rewarding. I wouldn’t give up this whole writing thing for the world. I just want to get on to working on some passion projects, too!

A resurrection of a fiction series that I am really ardent about, called the Realm of Belief, is near the top of the wishlist. Although it’s never seen public eyes, the series exists in an unvarnished form from years ago that I’d like to take and reboot, given that I’ve since honed-in on some writerly inclinations that were only beginning to bud back when I’d first hatched them up as a teenager. This also includes that Smash Fiction project that Lister and I were talking about way back when, and expanding the Super Cast Bros. brand to actually gain traction. We’ve had some great conversations on there. There’s a market for it. We just need to grip it by the horns a bit better.

Beyond all of that, I’m gearing up for April, which should be a grand ol’ time! We’re kicking it off with the Folk Fest, which comes with seeing several local and touring faces that I’ve become especially fond of. On the touring side of things, we’ve got ourselves Chloe Kimes, Simon Lunche, Lindsay White, and more. April 10th and 11th are an album release extravaganza for Club Congress, featuring Carlos Arzate (Sat.) and Don Armstrong & the Whiskeypalians + P.D. Ronstadt & the Co. (Sun.). Then, I’m hauling off to the Tucson Convention Center on April 14th to see a dear favorite of mine for the very first time, Mr. Tony Bennett. I can’t wait to share my thoughts about all of these events here over the next few weeks.

Speaking of “here”, where is jfrahm.com going? So far, it’s been a hub for only a couple of music features and not much else that can’t be seen elsewhere. I am very well aware and no one is more sorry about developing this project further than me. Things stack up, but how long can that really be an excuse? Trust one thing, though, that I have great plans for this website, especially on a local level. I would love nothing more than to host exclusive content featuring myriad faces from Tucson and beyond! And I will. A Tucson music podcast is on the way, too. Keep an eye on this one.

Some pretty cool pieces cropped up on PopMatters and For Folk’s Sake, in the meantime, and Lister and I had a bit of a Super Cast Bros. renaissance after falling behind on episode uploads. You can check those out below!

Super Cast Bros.:


For Folk’s Sake:

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