Smash or Dash: The Kellyjelly Battle Royale! (Episode 33)

Kellyjelly returns for another Smash or Dash. This time, Zantok and Jonno join him to deliberate over a quartet of four characters that he has submitted to the Smashtopia Wiki: Metal Slug, Chell, Phantom R, and Travis Touchdown! Which two will achieve glory? Super Cast Bros. is a podcast series established by two super fans of the Super Smash Bros. franchise.

Lister is a YouTube and Twitch streamer known for his contributions to Select Start Gaming, and Jonathan is a music and arts journalist from Tucson. Over the decade-plus that they’ve known each other, the two have cultivated a deep mutual passion for discussing, speculating, and, of course, playing Super Smash Bros.

‘Smash or Dash’ episodes pit characters against one another in a battle to see who Jonno and Zantok prefer to make it into Super Smash Bros. proper.

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