“Jonathan is an excellent writer who is genuinely passionate about music. He is also a very efficient and timely communicator and it’s always a pleasure working with him!” — Alex Haager, Public Display PR

“Jonathan Frahm is one of the most responsible, conscientious and timely music journalists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s always consistent and steadfast with deadlines, and there are never any loose ends. His passion is unwavering and he’s always forthright about what content & information he needs to push for any given piece at a time. Jonathan always gets the story right and leaves nothing to be desired. An extraordinary talent!” — Bobby Cleveland, Baby Robot Media

“Jonathan is the gold standard when it comes to writers and editors. While we’ve never met in person, Jonathan has an innate ability to build personal, professional and close relationships with all those he joins forces with and my various teams and coworkers all sing his praises. Responsive, thorough, passionate and creative, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the detail paid to his work, his sense for great music and evolution as a wordsmith through the years. The same way he pours his whole heart and attention into his features, he does for all of our interactions, making them enjoyable and fun. I consider him a friend in what’s an otherwise tough and unforgiving business and implicitly trust his discretion, feedback and perspective with my roster.” — Brittany Brave

“Sometimes the back and forth between a writer and a publicist (in the lead up to a feature) can be so mechanical, but Jonathan has always made it so warm and personal. He puts so much love into what he writes, and always leaves my artists (and I) feeling seen. His writing is so thoughtful, and he seems to really value connecting with people through music and sharing that love. He’s a true gem and a joy to work with—always.” — Caitlin Pasko

“Working with Jonathan is always a pleasure! Between his eloquent and nuanced writing and his deep understanding of the canon of American music, he truly captures the spirit of my artists’ work in his language. Personally, I never have to worry if Jonathan will come through with something promised, and his messages are always so timely and cheerful. What more could you ask for?” — Ever Kipp, Tiny Human

“From our first e-mail contact to present day, Jonathan has consistently been a source for quality writing–every byline lends itself to a thoughtful, well-crafted piece regardless of length. Jonathan has also proven that he is able to meet challenging deadlines without sacrificing his end product. However buried in work he might be, Jonathan has always displayed excellent communication skills as I’ve never felt ignored or passed over in any of our correspondence. As a publicist, he’s one of a select few contacts that I can consider a friend (he’s very easy-going, even in otherwise-stressful situations), and someone I can count on at a moment’s notice to not only get the job done, but get the job done well. As a writer, Jonathan is the total package of both talent and sheer hard work.” — Frank Keith IV, Sweetheart Pub

“Jonathan Frahm is an avid music listener who makes his presence known online as well as at your shows. He is a brilliant writer who is clever, honest, and knows just how to capture the essence of a performance or illuminate the subtle trappings of the artists he writes about.” — Jacob Acosta

“Jonathan is an excellent journalist and writer who has a knack of bringing up-and-coming talent to the spotlight. An artist you may have just heard of at the beginning of the article or interview will seem like someone you’ve heard of for years by the end of it. A consummate professional and an even better human being, Jonathan makes the work environment a great place to be and brings a passion and heart to his job.” — Jamie Alimorad

“Working with Jonathan Frahm on editorial projects has consistently been a joy. His enthusiasm for the music world and covering it in the best, most correct light is unprecedented. He’s a true wordsmith with a real knack for writing quality, thought-provoking pieces, and his correspondence has never been anything short of super friendly, extremely timely, and just all-around awesome. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more fervent purveyor of up-and-coming music.” — John Riccitelli, Baby Robot Media

“Jonathan is such a joy to work with—a true music fan with a deep understanding of multiple genres. He’s detail-oriented, a fantastic writer, and our artists are always pleased with the interviews and features he facilitates.” — Maria Ivey, IVPR

“Working with Jonathan has been a pleasure. His passion for writing is palpable and it shows in his work. He has written bios and press materials for my work and it’s always a breeze having to work with him for further edits, etc. – until I was satisfied.” — Melissa Polinar

“Jonathan is an incredible music writer whose passion for the art shines through his articles. He is honest in his work, decisive and focused on giving the best review he can. His articles are also diverse, eclectic, and are always on the cutting edge on music trends. It is always a pleasure to work with Jonathan.” — Michael Odokara-Okigbo

“Jonathan’s a superbly talented writer—not to mention a solid, reliable, standup guy. The total package. My experience working/collaborating with him over the past few years has been a joy from day one. His passion is unparalleled and his unique perspective on music is always illuminating. It’s clear he gives his all to each and every article/story he pens. Jon’s future is deservedly bright and I look forward to our continued work together.” — Mike Kundrath, HIP Video Promo

“Jonathan brings to life to whatever content he explores. His personal writing style shows true understanding of the greater musical landscape and he continues to impress us all with his ability to articulate the nebulous soul of the music about which he writes. As a presenter and curator, he brings his vigor and zest into event creation and promotion. I’d consider him a valued asset as a part of any creative team.” — Nicholas Horner

“Jonathan is an incredible writer with a genuine dedication to his craft. One of the main reasons I enjoy working with him so much is because of his passion for the music and artists that he covers. Not many people go the extra mile to produce a feature that shines a light on both veterans and undiscovered acts, but Jonathan always goes one step further. He consistently responds in a timely manner, and makes working together feel like we’ve known each other for years.” — Paul Corsi, Green Light Go

“Jonathan Frahm is an extremely knowledgeable writer that obviously has a deep-seated love for music and is always a joy to work with.” — Rachel Hurley, Sweetheart Pub

“It’s been a pleasure getting to know & work with Jonathan over the years. Not only is he knowledgeable about a wide variety of music, but his appreciation and passion for the arts shine through in each piece. He’s consistent, reliable, and his ability to dig deep into each story is invaluable.” — Sarah Bennett, IVPR

“I’ve worked with Jonathan Frahm on multiple pieces of coverage for my artists — in each case, he’s done a wonderful job in thoroughly grasping what each artist and project was working to accomplish and the message they were trying to convey, as well as the intricacies that make each of them what they are. Ensuring these pieces of the puzzle are properly communicated is the most important part of my job, and it’s lovely how Jonathan does so with ease. He’s always professional and friendly, as well, which is appreciated and noticed by everyone who frequently interacts with him.” — Sarah Frost

“We needed some assistance with our band bio, and Jonathan did an amazing job putting it all together! He is creative, pleasant to work with, and was happy to make revisions until it was just right. We would not hesitate to call on his writing expertise in the future!” — Silver Lake 66

“Jonathan is an excellent writer and very knowledgeable of the music scene here in southern Arizona (and I suspect beyond as well). As a performer, I take note when a journalist really ‘gets’ a subject, and his research and attention to accuracy, as well as his enjoyable writing style, make him a standout at his craft.” — Wally Lawder