My name is Jonathan Frahm. I’m an event coordinator, journalist, fiction writer, and music & media entrepreneur. I co-host the gaming podcast, Super Cast Bros., and will soon co-host a couple others. I’m the author of Rocket 2032, a not-very-good sci-fi story that I published at age 14. Right now, I’m working on something better called Realm of Belief: Project Believe, or Azorian Tales: Book One.

I am based out of Tucson and collaborate with local entities like Monterey Court, SAACA, TENWEST, and the Tucson Folk Festival. You can find my writing in the several local publications.

Online, I am a contributing staff writer to PopMatters and North American editor at For Folk’s Sake. I have also helped book southwest legs of tours for bands like Nick & Luke and The Accidentals, and have written biographies for artists like Melissa Polinar and Silver Lake 66.

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2019 Headshot, 3024 x 4032 (Photo: Nate Crook)